I was featured on the front page of the Philadelphia Business Journal

13 Feb

I was recently featured on the front page of the Philadelphia Business Journal, along with a full-page inside-the-back cover Q&A.

Eric posing for PBJ Profile 1-22-2016

The profile was under the category of “social capital.”  While it is ostensibly about me, it is really about the work that our firm does for the nonprofit sector.

The link to a PDF of the two pages follows:

Eric Fraint Profile in Philadelphia Business Journal 1-22-2016

Comments welcome.

Eric Fraint, President
Your Part-Time Controller, LLC

2 Responses to “I was featured on the front page of the Philadelphia Business Journal”

  1. Suzanne DAngelo February 13, 2016 at 5:19 PM #

    I stand corrected – I always say you are 6’7- thanks for clarifying. Have you seen my picture with Jon Stewart from the NCC opening in 2004? We’ll have lunch and I will share my story- it didn’t make it into the YPTC awards….

    Loved your political correctness. Smart. I am proud to be part of YPTC (now for over 16 years!!)

    Oh and I like Van Morrison too….

    Suzanne D’Angelo


  2. Amy Spiegel February 14, 2016 at 8:02 AM #

    All this time, I thought you were 6’6″! And how did Sam get away with not becoming one of the three allowed professions? Nice profile and nice photo – mazel tov!


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