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Reconciling Fundraising and Accounting Systems

1 Jun

In May of 2013, I participated in a webinar sponsored by the company that makes the fundraising software DonorPerfect. The topic was how to reconcile fundraising and accounting systems when the information does not agree.

To listen to the webinar, click here: WEBINAR: Reconciling Your Fundraising and Accounting Systems

To download the slides, click here: SLIDES: Reconciling Your Fundraising and Accounting Systems

To read my previous blog on this topic, click here: Eric’s previous blog on reconciling fundraising and accounting systems

If you listen to the webinar, you will hear me refer to a report format example and I encouraged the webinar participants to send me an email if they wanted to see this. Now, there is no need to email me as I have included this additional information in the slides which are available above for download. These additional slides are not in the webinar version of the slides, but are in the downloadable version.

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