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Power for Puerto Rico

26 Oct

Tesla Puerto RicoI’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for entrepreneurs: people who create successful businesses from nothing.  Peter Thiel calls this going from “Zero to One.”

One of my favorite people in this category is Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, and several other ventures.

According to reporting by the Los Angeles Times, the Governor of Puerto Rico, which is still trying to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria, reached out to Musk by tweet on October 6 suggesting that Puerto Rico could be a “flagship project” for Tesla. Musk responded that same day saying that he would “be happy to talk.”

Fast forward to this past Tuesday (October 24), “less than three weeks after their social media rapport began – Tesla tweeted that the project was ‘going live.'”

The project was to supply power to a hurricane battered children’s hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  In last than three weeks Musk and the Governor talked, decided on how to proceed, and Tesla “assembled a solar panel installation and battery storage project” at the hospital. The hospital is now completely solar powered.

That’s what an entrepreneur can do.  You have to love that.

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Eric Fraint, President & Founder
Your Part-Time Controller, LLC

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